Eigo Kosodate Online

Welcome to Eigo Kosodate Website.

The Hokkaido-based community for babies, infants and their parents is led by Kae Fukuoka, a local mother of two daughters. Online and offline contents are created with a vision to refresh adults’ views on language learning and let them enjoy relaxed relationship with kids English. Mothers (including first pregnancy,) fathers and children – plus, grandparents, babysitters, educators, and many more adults – are welcome to join Eigo Kosodate parents’ group or personal sessions to take new steps.

The community also looks forward to the participation of non-Japanese-speaking families; other attendees of offline events may or may not be fluent English speakers, but they are open to meet new friends with different cultural background.

Please feel free to contact us for event application, requests for new programs and activities, or potential work collaborations.

Thank you.

Kae Fukuda: A Hokkaido-native mother and Kyoto University graduate. She started her career as a flight attendant for a Japanese airline company in 2010, and also worked for a bilingual media company in Fukuoka City until 2018. After giving birth to her first daughter, she has been working as a freelance translator and created social media contents in English, subtitles, web articles and so on.